Meet the Staff

The staff at a Tir-y-berth Primary School are a dynamic team who work hard to ensure that every child feels welcome and happy. All members of staff place great emphasis on establishing positive relationships and setting a climate which promotes concern and respect for others. Every pupil is valued and encouraged to do their best and achieve their potential in all aspects of school life.

Information on our Senior Management Team can be found below. Details of class teachers and support staff can be found on individual class pages.

team member

Mrs. S. Clemens

Mrs. S. Clemens is headteacher of Tir y berth Primary School. Her priorities are to enable each child to achieve their academic potential and to ensure each child’s time with us is filled with positive experiences.
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Mrs L. Lloyd

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L. Lloyd is our Deputy Head Teacher and Head of Key Stage 2. She currently teaches in Year 6. Her responsibilities include Assessment, Recording and Reporting, Personal and Social Development and Healthy Schools.  
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Mrs C Lewis

Head of Foundation Phase
Mrs C. Lewis is the Head of our Foundation Phase. She currently teaches in our Nursery and Reception class. Her responsibilities also include developing Welsh throughout the school and leading the School Council alongside Mrs A. Heyward.