Hocus Pocus at Tiryberth Primary School

Hocus Pocus Reading Focus

Hocus Pocus is an initiative aiming to further improve pupils’ reading skills. All classes focus on reading activities based on a given theme, one day every half term. With an emphasis on promoting reading in a fun way, these days have been extremely successful.


Make A Difference - Fundraising, Awareness, Money, Support - from parents and pupils, staff Tiryberth Primary School

Make a Difference Campaign

The school is currently supporting the ‘You can make a difference’ campaign in aid of Velindre Cancer Care. The target for our fundraising is £2000. Read more about our  fundraising efforts here.


Roald Dahl at Tiryberth Primary School

Roahl Dahlings

Our ‘Roahl Dahlings’ are volunteers who listen to pupils read. Parents, grandparents and members of the wider school community share the pupils’ book in a relaxed, informal manner. If you would like to become a ‘Roahl Dahling’, please inform a member of staff. We would be very grateful for your time.


Attendance Record Panel - Tiryberth Primary School

Attendance Panel

We have recently established an Attendance Panel to focus on improving levels of pupil attendance. The panel, led by Mrs C. Lewis consists of Mrs Clemens, Governors, Parents, Pupils and the school’s Welfare Officer. Initiatives to target attendance have been devised by the panel and will shortly be launched.

Digital Leaders - Champions, Learning, Creating, Play on IT, Technology, Art, Computers, Maths, iPad, Tablets at Tiryberth Primary School

Digital Leaders Panel

Our Digital Leaders Panel led by Miss J. Lewis and supported by Mrs J. Beynon has been established to audit e safety within the school. The panel which meets on a half termly consists of Pupils, Governors and Parents.

Book Club - Inspiring, Imagination, Creativity - Tiryberth Primary School

Book Club

We have recently established a Parent Book Club. This is an opportunity for parents to borrow and discuss books they have enjoyed over a cup of coffee and cake. Dates and times of these free sessions can be found on our weekly newsletters, so please keep an eye out for them.